About Us

The Agenda

Aquastride is a team of professionals with vast amounts of knowledge and experience, and a passion for positive change. Aquastride’s Management Team has a combined background of agriculture, infrastructure and software, and many decades of collective experience managing businesses of all sizes.

It has always been our objective to do something substantial for the farmer. With agriculture being one of the most important aspects of India’s existence, and 70% of the population living in rural areas as part of the agriculture economy, Aquastride has pooled its formidable management resources, with its strong agricultural expertise to develop technology that will enhance the efficiencies of available farming resources and change lives for the better.

Aquastride is passionate about leading change, introducing technologies and efficiencies that will make agriculture more profitable, while also ensuring food security for the country.

Why Us?

The $6 trillion agriculture industry has reached a precarious state: While the global population will soar more than 26% by 2050, our planet’s arable land continues to shrink at an alarming rate of “one Great Britain every two years”. Today, governments are faced with the quandary of vastly more mouths to feed (estimated 9.6 billion in 30 years) with dwindling natural resources (33% arable land loss the past four decades) and most important of all – water.

The reasons for this decline have been well documented. Soil erosion, Deforestation, Global droughts, Water shortages, Mass urbanisation and severe farm labour shortages. Even in abundant, fertile land with easy access to farm labour, draft animals and groundwater resources, farmers are still facing decreasing earnings, higher production costs, and problems in achieving product quality